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For the last three decades we have been witnessing the influx of a variety of electrical and electronic instruments into the medical field for various kinds of diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Technology has revolutionized medical care in modern times by placing at the disposal of man a series of Biomedical equipments, both for diagnostic purpose as well as life saving procedures. The success and utility of these devices depends on the manner in which they are maintained and put to proper use as per the  guide lines and procedural  formalities issued by the manufactures in respect of each device. Any flaw caused either by inadvertency, ignorance, indifference or inability to ensure the minimum precautions may lead to catastrophic casualties, fatal to the patients and quite damaging to the reputation of the medical institution, however tall might be the claims it makes about the super specialties it could offer in medical care.

This reemphasizes the need to have constant care in monitoring the perfection in the performance of the sophisticated electrical and electronics biomedical equipments that are in regular use. The application of this diagnostic and Therapeutic tools has opened up new vistas In making diagnosis more accurate and patient management efficient, it also reemphasizes the fact that in no circumstance a subject of paramount importance could be ignored or lost sight of by anyone ,whether it be  the hospital management, the medical personnel, the nursing or paramedical staff or the dear and near ones of the patients. Since many of the biomedical equipments are being used even in homes for the care of patients, of late this subject has assumed  special relevant  more than ever perhaps in the  past . The success and the benefits of these Diagnostic and Therapeutic tools depend on the safety and reliability ensured by regular monitoring. Quite often these devices are put to direct use on the patient's body, blindly reposing absolute faith in the manufactures promises, without caring to check the safety parameters, which should precede any such application. Negligence of this kind is bound to cause catastrophic eventualities like unexpected death, electric shock, explosions, fire and so on.

However, the applications of these instruments are of utmost concern when their safety and reliability are not ensured.