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To avoid these fatal consequences due to faulty instruments, it should be made mandatory that all such instruments that come in contact with the human body during the healthcare process, should be tested and calibrated periodically. This should be done by qualified persons with instruments having their calibration traceability to National / International standards. It can instill a great amount of confidence in the healthcare professionals who make use of such instruments. The periodic checking of these instruments for their safety and reliability can save many precious lives and retain the reputation of the Healthcare Institutions.


To accomplish this very urgent mission, all the healthcare personnel must be made aware of the gravity of the consequences in ignoring the safety limits of those instruments that they handle. All the commonly used instruments like ECG Monitor, BP Monitor, Oxygen Monitor, Defibrillators, and Electrical Surgery Units etc. can cause serious health hazards unless they are periodically checked for their electrical safety and performance. To avoid these dangerous situations and also to give top priority to the safety of the patients,  The Healthcare Institutions must adhere to stringent norms before putting them to use.